Airpark Location
– Scott County Airport (SCX), Oneida, TN 37841
– 50 minute drive from Knoxville, 65 minutes to Knoxville Airport (TYS)

Lot Location within Big South Fork Airpark (BSFA) development
– Lot 30, Hardwood Court
– Quiet, end of cul-de-sac
– Away from development “main road” and any traffic
– Three minute golf cart ride to aircraft hangars or Welcome Center Lodge
– Direct access from lot into Daniel Boone National Forest and BSF Natl. Recreation Area
– Horse trail leading to equestrian stables and Natl. Forest runs along west edge of lot

Unique Characteristics of Lot 30
-At 4.0 acres, Lot 30 is one of the largest lots in the BSF Airpark (average is 1.5 to 3.5 ac)
-Lot 30 has a lot of character with varying terrain, yet is one of the most usable building lots
-Widely varying terrain around perimeter of lot with central area level to gently sloping
– Dramatic terrain drop-off on north end with ridgeline views 
– About 3.5 acres is usable for house and other out buildings
– Small 12’ waterfall next to NW corner of lot 
– Waterfall can be seen and heard from northern end of lot
– No other houses visible from any part of the 4 acre lot
– Lot adjoins protected common space which directly borders the Daniel Boone National Forest
– Drainage testing completed at eight places around the lot with excellent drainage everywhere
– 5 minute walk on the horse trail (which runs along the lot) to the equestrian center stables

Forested Lot
– Upper 3 acres away from cul-de-sac thinned and cleaned as specified by arborist
– $4000 spent in 2018 to clear dead trees, remove brush and 100s of smaller saplings
– Felled logs cut into 12’ sections and stacked for years of firewood or other uses
– All mature & healthy trees over 3” diameter and all unique species remain 
– Lot has a “clean & healthy forest” appearance since being thinned

House Positioning Options on Lot
– Large number of possible house building locations and outbuilding placements throughout lot
– House can be completely secluded from street view if desired
– North end building site is very unique with dramatic drop-off 
– View of distant ridge lines to the north
– Allows elevated back, wrap around deck, overhanging drop-off
– North facing deck would be “in the canopy,” and a stunning 40’-50′ above forest floor

Driveway Layout Options
– Lot topography provides for wide latitude in driveway layout options
– Options from a 200′ driveway up to 800’ sweeping and meandering drive to house
– Longer driveway would provide easy access to nearly all of the 4 acres

– T Hangar A4, is 42′ wide, x36′ deep, x12′ high opening
– Hangar A4 has the largest floor area of all existing T-Hangars
– 60SF of extra floor space, plus additional 60SF of elevated storage area
– Hangar A4 is conveniently located on north side of hangar complex
– 1st T-hangar to have access to taxiway – never get blocked in by a/c leaving or returning
– Vertical folding door with 12′ opening faces NE for morning sun and afternoon shade
– Automatic self-locking folding door. No manual latching required. Push CLOSE and leave
– Insulated ceiling with two large linear open and closable roof vents
– $3200 of mil-spec grade, chemically etched & bonded bright white epoxied hangar floor
– Four banks of high intensity, T12, 5000K fluorescent tube lighting fixtures
– Several walls covered with bright white painted sheet rock
– Makes for a very bright, clean hangar with great under-belly reflected light
– Provides for an excellent environment to work on your airplane
– Remote garage door opener relay can easily be installed at door control panel

What do we like most about BSFA
– Hands down, it’s the people. Wish we could take every one of them with us
– Some of the most inviting, genuine, generous, and fun loving people we have known
– Development is very clean, upscale, beautifully maintained, and steadily growing 
– Feels like you are living close to a runway within the National Forest, yet minutes from town
– Great aircr aft maintenance facility on the field and reasonable gas prices
– Airport is a county airport so we are not financially accountable for runway maintenance (like most airparks)
– With no more FAA through-the-fence permits being issued demand for this unique benefit is increasing
– Very low traffic. Live here and it feels like this county airport is your private airstrip

Scott County Airport (KSCX) Details
– Beautiful 5,500’ x 75’ asphalt jet runway, excellent condition, newly painted
– 4 approaches with RNAV minimums down to 315′ 
– BSFA is the last airpark in the US to receive “through the fence rights” to a county airport
– KSCX is a Scott County owned and financed airport
– No runway maintenance assessments like most private airparks
– Fuel is reasonably priced and usually the lowest in the area.
– ATS Aircraft Maintenance is largest business on the field
– major airframe and power plant facility
– service J-3 Cubs, to homebuilts, to Falcon jets. Used by most airpark residents

Knoxville Major Airline Service
– TYS is a short 15 min flight with aircraft parking walking distance to airline terminal
– 65 minute drive from BSF Airpark
– TYS is served by American, Delta, United, Frontier and Allegiant, each averaging 12 flts/day
– TYS offers great frequency with 60 daily non-stop flights to the following: 

Property Pricing
– Lot 30 has been priced to be among the lowest cost/acre in the development
– Pricing: $330,000 Includes 4 Acre Lot 30 and Hangar A4
– Breakdown: $220,000 for Lot 30, $110,000 for Hangar A4
– Lot and hangar pricing ratio can be adjusted if there is a tax benefit for you
– Limited owner financing may be considered

Lot 30 received $4000 in brush and ground cover clearing, completed summer 2018
Hangar A4 has $3200 Mil-Spec, bright white epoxy floor treatment, completed 2013

Eric Hansen
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