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Picture Taking Tips

In this era of the computer, people are going to get their first glimpse of your home over the internet. That means that they are going to decide if they want to go all the way to see your home based on the pictures YOU provide.
This is a list of tips gleaned from realtors, home stagers, common sense and my observations.

1. Get rid of the clutter. Folks looking for a new home have to be able to visualize themselves, as well as their belongings in your home, and if it is full of your stuff, they can't see themselves in it. The bottom line is get rid of stuff for your pictures. Subconsciously, others see too much stuff as a too small home with little space for their belongings

2. Clean up the place. What you perceive as homey, others see as clutter and junk. When in doubt, refer to #1 above.

3. Make sure the following things are NOT visible in the pictures: pet bowls, pet beds and chew toys; humidifiers or de-humidifiers, garbage cans, portable fans, toilet bowls with the lid up.

4. Decide what is special about your home and be sure to include a picture of it (like a hot tub or a spectacular view).

5. If you are on an airpark, and you have a hangar, then a picture of the hangar is a good idea, unless it is full of junk. Then make it an outside picture. Remember, if people are looking at homes on an airpark, then they probably want a hangar!

6. Get a good picture of the outside of the home, on a sunny day.

7. When taking interior pictures, turn on ALL of the lights.

8. Don't send small pictures, make them big, and I can re-size them for the internet.

9. And one more, do a good descriptive text. The short MLS blurb is for realtors, and if you want your home described better, don't make people try to decifer words as they go.

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